Voicemail without a phone

Tired of making that important phone call, only to be sent off into voicemail oblivion? After all, if my call were that important, you would probably pick up, right? So how about avoiding the problem, by going directly to voicemail, even avoiding making the call in the first place.

Vocaroo is a free service that lets you send voice messages via email, without even using the phone. Just point your web browser to their site, record your message, and send it on its way. Your recipient receives an email with a link in it that takes them back to the Vocaroo site, and lets them play the message. Or if you want to reach a bunch of people, you can even post your message online and hand out the URL for folks to come by and listen to it.

To use Vocaroo you'll need a microphone and headphones or speakers for your computer, as well as having installed a recent version of Flash. Other than that, there's no cost for you to get your message out. There is no guarantee, of course, that anybody will call you back.

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