Where did I put that phone?

If you're always on top of things, if you never misplace anything, if you know exactly where your cell phone is at all times, then you might as well not continue reading this.

For the rest of us, misplacing our mobile phone ranks right up there with the more frustrating things that we can do. You had it in your hand when you walked in the door, but when you put the grocery bag down on the counter, or tossed the keys on the table, or threw your jacket over the back of the couch, somehow your phone disappeared. So how are you going to find it now? It could be just about anywhere.

The aptly named I Can't Find My Phone is a free service that will give you a hand with this vexing problem. Go to their website, enter the number of your missing phone, and press the magic button. This free service will call your phone, and hopefully–unless you stuck it in the freezer with the ice cream–you'll hear your phone ringing, and the two of you will be reunited. Pick up and you'll hear a "thank goodness you found your phone" message, and all will be right with the world.

The folks at I Can't Find My Phone promise that they don't keep track of the numbers they call, and that you'll never, ever get any kind of spam from them.

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